Hello world!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hello beautiful people!!! How are you today? It's been a while since I wrote something but I'm on the right path. Happened a lot since we last spoke. You all seen my last post telling you about my grandmother 👵🏻 and …on 16th of July she died 😢.
She lost the fight with cancer. That was the worst day of my life. Was even worst the fact that I wasn't able to get to her funeral.
As some of you know I live in another country but this wasn't the biggest problem. I'm pregnant 🤰🏼. Today I'm at 40+1 weeks and when my granny died I was almost at 38 weeks and after a while you cannot fly anymore so…yeah…
However…I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!! I'm so happy but sad because my granny didn't stayed enough to meet her but hopefully from where she is she's her guardian angel.
I will have a girl. Me and my husband are so happy and we can't wait to meet her. I'm not wearing any makeup. I'm wearing only my baby bump ❤️❤️❤️ 👼🏻👶🏻🤰🏼🍼 . My pregnancy went very well. I didn't had morning sickness, I don't have stretch marks, I gained only 4 kilos in 9 months.
I'm so excited and hopefully I will be a good mother. ❤️❤️❤️
That's it guys. I will keep you updated. Kisses 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Why is life so unfair??? 😢

Hey guys! 

  This is just a random post. I’m not showing anything, I just want …to take a moment and tell you how unfair is life. So, my grandmother is like my mom. My best friend,my main support,the person that I CANNOT live without. I know she is old and I know that someday she will not be around. Only thinking of this my pressure …actually I don’t even want to think about it. 

In 2002 we found out that she has leukemia but is a type of leukemia which you can live long enough with it. She didn’t had to do chemiotherapy or other types of treatments.

In February this year, 2017 she started to get sick. She told us that she has very bad stomachache, back pain etc. In march she went to the doctor, for a checkup and they told her that everything is alright and maybe her illness,her leukemia started to develop. 

Of course we didn’t believe because we know how incompetent are some doctors there and they are old and they’re doing this job only because it’s paid. My granny went home but she became feeling worst and worst. Friday my mom went to her and called the emergency room or how it’s called and asked an ambulance to came to her house. My mom waited 2h30″ for ambulance and never came. 

They went by themselves at the hospital and after some blood samples, some routine checkups they found out that my nanny’s liver is full with metastasis and her stomachache is actually something worse than we thought. Yes, it’s exactly what you think and my world is falling apart. I don’t want to loose her, I still need her. She promised me that she will help me with my baby, she still has a lot of things to do.

I’m so frustrated and I don’t understand why is everything so unfair,like I don’t want to judge because there is somebody else who judges us,but there are a lot of people that they don’t care about themselves or their health. They drink like crazy, they take drugs or pills or whatever they do to their own body and they don’t have ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING.

My nanny she always took care of herself. She ate well,healthy,she did her morning exercises etc and now….now we found out this. And she cried so much,telling me that she didn’t want to do this to me…. I don’t have words to explain. I’m just speechless and sad. To be honest…I have no words, I have no feelings, I have nothing. I only hope and pray to God for a miracle, for a solution, for something that will work.

I’m sorry guys for this but I wanted to tell something to someone, I wanted to share this with you and I wanted to tell you…take care of yourself, do your blood test, make sure that You are healthy and try to stay healthy. Do what’s better for you, go and seek a second, third opinion. 

       I’m done. Again I’m very sorry for this post . Hopefully I will come back with some good news. 

                        Bye guys!! 😘😘❤️❤️😍😍

Our Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤

Hey pretty girls and boys!! How are you??!! I’m great but I’m sad because I don’t have enough time to write here for you.                                                                                                             I take a lot of photos, I write on my notebook  everything I do and feel, I have a lot of news to share, a lot of stuff to show but…I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!! 😢.                 However, let’s get to the subject of this post. I know Valentine’s Day is over and it’s been more than a month ago but …better later than never 😁.                                                                     We went to my favorite restaurant in town and we ate soooo good. The food here is …I think the best. We actually went two times at two different restaurants. At lunch we went at a chinese restaurant and dinner at my favorite restaurant. Lunch was good, it was like a buffet…where you can eat how much you want but the price is the same. They had all sorts of pasta,pizza,fish,grill,sushi,spring rolls,french fries, salads,desserts,ice cream etc. I ate only some spring rolls, chicken , potato made in the oven and some fried sushi. I forget to take the photos of everything but I did to the sushi. 

  And the next photos are from dinner 

And I received the most beautiful rose ever. 🌹🌹🌹

Isn’t this gorgeous??? ❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹                                                                                                     We’ve had such a beautiful night and we felt blessed. 

Ok guys. That’s it. Hopefully you like my photos and that gorgeous blue rose and btw if you ever are in Vercelli or if you live near by…go to this restaurant because you will NOT be disappointed. It’s called TEATRO 26 and you can find the address and other information by searching them on google, even TripAdvisor. 

Bye guys!!! Kisses from me to you 😘😘😘❤❤❤😍😍😍

Mini haul!!! 💕💕💕

        Hi guys!!! This is my first post of 2017 so I want to wish you a happy new 2017, may all your wishes  come true , all the best and may God bless you!!! 

          Now, let’s return to our stuff. So, I did some shopping 🛒 and I wanted to share with you the new products that I bought. If you want to see a review of something in particular please leave me a comment and I will do as you said. Your wish is my command. I didn’t bought a lot of stuff but some of them are my favorite. 

This is my favorite facial soap ever. I’ve been using this for almost 4 years and I love it. Of course I tried others facial soaps from other brands but I ALWAYS come back to this one. Let me be clear about something , this only washes the face but if you want something to remove  the makeup you should buy the TAKE THE DAY OFF . I don’t like the smell of that balm but removes every track of makeup. Now, about the facial soap. Comes in 3 skin typed formulas dry combination, oily combination and very dry . I bought it from Douglas and I paid 36,95€ .   

This one is another favorite and I’m using this eye makeup remover for almost 3 years. This is the best. Love it. This eye makeup remover is very good for waterproof mascara/makeup because has oil inside. Is suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers. I bought it from Sephora and I paid around 30€ . 

This is my first time buying this foundation. I heard a lot of good things about it and has a lot of good reviews. I will tell you more about this foundation soon. I was fortunate and I paid 35€ because was in sale but usually is 41€ ( not sure) .

Some tissue mask from Garnier. Nothing to say because I bought them yesterday so…. However I paid 1,24€ in sale per mask, so for all 4 I paid almost 5€. 

I also bought some cotton pads(1,42€),a mascara from Pupa(10,89€).First time using something from Pupa and we shall see how it works, a peel-off mask(1,99€) and a tweezer.(5€). I will let you know how I feel about the mascara. 

          And something for the house, some Yankee Candle wax holder and some waxes. The holder was 10€ and the wax was 2,24€ per one.  Sorry if the table looks dirty but actually is a very old furniture,has around 80 years and has some stains. 

          That’s it guys!!! Hopefully you liked my mini haul!! If you want to talk you can also follow me on Instagram@IRINUKKA, Twitter@InnaNicole, Snapchat@irinukkaa(Irina), Facebook@Irina Nicole . I do have a YouTube channel but I speak in Romanian.

                                                           Kisses 😘😘😍😍❤❤💕💕

Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎁🍾🎀

Hey guys! How ar you? It’s been a while since I’ve been here but yeah…that’s it, I don’t have excuses. Are you guys alright? I have a rough time lately but…this is real life . 

However, not quite everything was bad or awful. I won my first giveaway ever, I won a looot of makeup and beautiful stuff. I already did a video but it’s not in English . If you want to see the products that I won, here is my YouTube channel TheSemiramidaslife ,I’m aware that you don’t understand what I am saying but at least you can see the makeup products that I received. 

In the future I will try to have some subtitles but now  I can’t do it because I’m working mainly from my iPhone. 

So, why I was saying that everything went wrong in the couple of weeks? Because my car let me down 3 times and I was forced to pay 💰 for everything almost 1000€ , that I’ve had some health issues and I went for my first time in my entire life at emergency and stayed in a hospital as a patient. After that I got a very ugly cold that put me on bed for almost 2 weeks and I still have some cough, then if that wasn’t enough I got a teeth ache and my face was swollen. For the moment I’m good but let’s see for how long. 

So, you can see why my life was so shitty. Today is Christmas and we finally finished cooking. We have a lot of Christmas traditional food so it may take time to cook. 

 But what did you do today? What Santa get you? Please, leave me a comment and tell me. What did you eat? Do you have traditional food like we do? Leave me a comment and tell me everything because I’m curious. 

Ok, that’s it guys!! I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🍾🎉🎊🎁😴

I am beautiful!!TAG/ Eu sunt frumoasa!!! TAG 

ENG: Hey guys!! So this time I’m having another kind of post. This is a TAG that’s all over YouTube and I was thinking that I should do it. How it works? I have 10 questions that I will answer as simple and sincere I can possibly be. Let’s start! 

Q: What’s your name?

A: My name is Irina-Nicoleta 

Q: How old are you?

A: I have 27 years old.

Q: Have you ever had skin problems? 

A: No, I haven’t had problems with my skin. I do have some pimples when it’s that time of the month but that’s it.

Q: What’s the reason you started wearing makeup? 

A: Well, I remember since I was a little girl I always liked my mum’s makeup. I would steal her lipstick and eyeshadows and pretend that I was on a cover of a magazine. I was all dressed up with my mum’s dress and wearing her high heels even though her shoes were way bigger than my foot. And then when I was older maybe 14 years old and I was in high school,me and my friend Ana we would always bring with us some makeup to do our makeup at school. And guess what? After years we both ended doing a makeup school and became makeup artists. She did first because unfortunately makeup school wasn’t my first on my list. My mother made me go to the University and became a physician/physical therapist and then when I was by myself without her, when I supported myself financially I decided to pursued my dream. I still do my profession but hopefully one day I can support myself from makeup. My mum thinks that isn’t a profession and I don’t think she actually supported my choices. 

Q: Have you ever met people that offended you about your beauty with or without wearing makeup , in real life or internet? 

A: Hopefully this question is translated right . And to answer the question, actually no one offended me about my beauty. My mother and stepfather they ALWAYS said that I wear to much makeup, I am beautiful without makeup, seems like I have lime/chalk on my face etc., but that’s it. To be honest I don’t even care if someone tells me  that I’m ugly because for me it’s more important what my husband thinks about me and if he loves me like I am and if he tells me that I’m beautiful….that’s more than enough.

Q: If someone will actually say to you that you are ugly how you would react? It would affect you in any way? 

A: I already answered but NO, I don’t care what someone else thinks about me. This is who I am and you can accept or leave it.

Q: Do you wear often makeup in public? Because you don’t have self confidence or what’s the reason? 

A: I think I wear makeup only when I’m going out with my husband and that happens only once in a while because we don’t have time and because we are too tired to go out instead of having a good nap.😂 But usually I don’t wear makeup in public. I’m beautiful without makeup and I’m not ashamed saying that. If I don’t respect myself and feel comfortable/confident enough with myself how can I pretend others to respect me? 

Q: Have you ever felt inferior because you weren’t wearing makeup? 

A: Nope, not even once and you shouldn’t do it either. I am beautiful and YOU are beautiful as well. Don’t you EVER forget that. No matter what  people are saying about you…just ignore them. It’s more important how you feel about yourself and you should feel always wonderful, confident, like you are able to move the mountains. YOU  can do whatever you want only if it’s positive and if you really believe that. 

Q: What advice you give to people that are following/watching you and they feel inferior because they don’t wear makeup? 

A: I already answered that in my previous question. 

Q: Who should do this TAG? 

A: All of you!!! I TAG you all. If you have a blog, YouTube channel just do it. If you don’t have any of these just leave me a comment by answering the questions.  

   RO: Buna!! De data asta m-am hotarat sa scriu și in romană pentru ca tag-ul e românesc ,l-am văzut doar pe canalele de YouTube românești asa ca am zis sa scriu și in romană. Nu am fost tagguita(ciudat arată și suna) de nimeni dar totuși am zis sa-l fac si eu. Asa ca nu o mai lungesc prea mult și trec la întrebări.

Î: Cum te numești? 

R: Ma numesc Irina-Nicoleta ( da, am și nume de Sfânt,de fapt amândouă sunt😂) 

Î: Câți ani ai? 

R: Am…27 de ani. Sunt bătrâna de acuma 😂😂😂 

Î: Ai avut vreodată probleme cu tenul? 

R: Nu, nu am avut niciodată probleme cu tenul . Îmi mai apar din când in când coșuri când sunt in perioada aia a lunii.

Î: Din ce cauza ai început sa te machiezi? 

R: Pai mi-a plăcut dintotdeauna machiajul . Îmi aduc aminte de când eram micuța ca îi furam mamei mele rujurile și fardurile de ochi , ma îmbrăcăm in putinele ei rochii care le avea și îmi puneam o pereche te pantofi cu toc și îmi imaginam ca sunt pe coperta unei reviste. Iar apoi când eram la liceu și  aveam 14 ani, eu și prietena mea Ana veneam la școala cu machiajele, ne duceam in camera unde erau femeile de serviciu iar in pauza noi ne machiam una pe alta. Și sa vedeți ce, peste ani de zile amândouă am făcut cursuri de machiaj . Ea a făcut înaintea mea din cauza ca eu eram la facultate căci mama a vrut sa fiu kinetoterapeut. Am vrut si eu totuși sa fac asta dar dacă ar fi sa dau timpul înapoi cred ca as fi făcut cursuri/școala de make-up artist de la început. M-am decis abia după mulți ani sa fac cursuri dar oricum ar fi, mama tot nu crede ca asta este o meserie din care m-as putea întreține. Voi ce credeți? 

Î: Ai întâlnit persoane care te-au jignit in legătura cu Frumusețea ta fiind machiata sau fiind nemachiata pe internet sau in viața reala? 

A: Sinceră sa fiu nu. Doar ai mei ce mai ziceau ca m-am machiat prea tare, ca parca m-am dat cu var pe fata, ca exagerez etc. In rest nu m-a jignit nimeni și nu mi-a zis nimeni ca sunt urâta machiata sau nemachiata. Acuma sa fiu sinceră nici nu prea îmi pasa. Atâta timp cât are cine sa ma iubească asa sunt cum și considera ca sunt frumoasa asa, ce contează ce zic alții? 

Î: Dacă da, cum ai reacționat? Te-au afectat aceste lucruri? 

R: Sincer nu i-as bagă in seama . Cum am mai spus mai sus, nu prea ma interesează. Ignor ca asa e mai bine. Și atâta timp cât persoanele importante din viața mea îmi zic ca sunt frumoasa asa sunt sunt, machiata sau nemachiata pentru mine e de ajuns. 

Î: Porți des machiaj in public? Pentru ca nu ai încredere in tine sau din alte motive și care ar fi acele motive? 

R: Nu ,nu port machiaj in public și nici nu port foarte des machiaj. Port machiaj doar in ieșim in oraș și cam atât. In rest cam 90% ies fără sa fiu machiata. Nu mi-e Rușine și consider ca sunt frumoasa și fără machiaj. Poate par aroganta când zic ca sunt frumoasa dar sunt pe principiul ca dacă eu nu ma iubesc pe mine și eu nu am încredere in mine,atunci ce pretenții as avea de la alții?  Și cred ca asa ar trebui sa procedați și voi. Va asigur ca va veți simți mult mai bine și veți avea mai multă încredere in voi.

Î: Te-ai simțit vreodată inferioară pentru ca nu te machiai? 

R: Nu, niciodată. Și nici voi sa nu va simțit niciodată asa. SUB NICIO FORMA pentru ca nu înseamnă ca dacă nu te machiezi sau nu ai machiaje ca ești inferioară. 

Î: Ce sfat le dai oamenilor care te urmăresc și poate se simt inferiori ca nu poarta machiaj ? 

R: Sa nu va simțiți NICIODATĂ inferiori din cauza acestui motiv, de fapt sa nu va simtiti inferiori deloc oricare ar fi motivul. Nu uitați , sunteți frumoase indiferent . 

Î: Cui dai mai departe acest tag? 

R: Tuturor! Va dau tag tuturor celor ce aveți blog sau canal de YouTube. Cei care nu aveți îmi puteți lasă un comment cu răspunsurile voastre. 

       That’s it guys! Hope you all liked my post today and sorry for my grammar mistakes . Maybe I will do a video as well on my YOUTUBE channel but we shall see. Also go and check my YouTube channel because I posted my Perfume Collection and hopefully if nothing happens tomorrow I will upload a challenge. 

                                Bye guys!!! Kisses ! 😘😘💕💕💞

P.S. Because this is a TAG about makeup and you have to do it without makeup , here are some photos of my canvas without makeup. 

My first YouTube video! 

Hey guys!! How are you today? Btw I woke up today and I find out that Trump is the new president of the US. How do you feel about that? I actually was surprised but…yeah…that’s it. For now let’s leave aside politics and take care of our business 😂. 

How the title suggests I DID MY FIRST VIDEO, MY FIRST UPLOAD, MY FIRST EVERYTHING. I was sooo nervous and so excited and a lot of emotions, feeling. My video is in Romanian and it’s a COLLECTIVE HAUL!!! So, even if you don’t understand the language I only showed some products that I recently bought, not actually recently but I collected them in 2-3 months. 

https://youtu.be/tACGrsQk7QM.  Collective HAUL  

    Now I’m uploading my Perfume Collection and in about 1-2 hours will be up on my channel. 

        Thanks guys!!! Hope you liked my video and stay tuned because I filmed some funny videos. Kisses 😘😘😍😍🎀💕💖💞💗

Vacation 2016!! 😍❤️

Hey guys!!! 😘💋

Didn’t had the time to share with you the amazing place where I’ve been in vacation. But for sure this is the last time going with other people that I haven’t met before . It’s a long story and ugly and I don’t want to remember because I will get angry again.          I’ve never been so angry and tired in my entire life in any other vacation that I’ve been. However I went to beautiful places and the house where we lived was AMAZING!!!!! 

SAN REMO is a very beautiful town from Italy and it’s actually next to France. I think from San Remo to Cannes are almost 45 minutes of driving. We rented a big and beautiful villa called VILLA SOLE and the owner was so kind and sweet and whatever we wanted or asked he was always there to answer and help us. I will stop now rambling and show you some of the photos that I took. 

This was our first week together. Only me and my hubby and we’ve had a lot of fun!! 😍😍😍


Don’t mind that lady that’s in the picture…my bad but the view of the water is amazing. This is the view from the villa. We were up on the hill and in the morning or night was sooooo beautiful!!!  

Yes,I didn’t had any makeup. Sometimes I’m ok without makeup but to be onest I didn’t had time to put some makeup on and I was also lazy. 😂😂😂 

That’s it guys. In my next blog post I will share with you some photos from the aquarium. Hope you all liked my post and you will hear from me next time. 

This is a link we’re you can find more information about this house , I can assure you that you will feel in love with this place. Villa SOLE/ TripAdvisor . 

                         Bye guys!!! Kisses from me to you!! 😘😘😘💜💜💜

Happy 9th Anniversary for us!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hey 👋🏻 guys!!

As the title suggests 2 weeks ago was our anniversary. Our 9th Anniversary and I can’t believe it how time flies by. We were 2 teenagers and today we are adults with responsibilities . The most important thing is that we stayed together for good and bad, we  ‘ve managed to get through all the difficulties , we still love ❤️ and respect each other . 

I love him so much, he’s my best friend,lover,husband , father and child. Hopefully we will be together all our life and we will celebrate 20 years together!!! 

Happy Anniversary for us baby and I truly love ❤️ you so so much!!!!  Next I will share with you some photos that we’ve made . 

P.S . The restaurant were we went it’s called TEATRO 26 and if you are in Italy, Vercelli go there because the food is AMAZING!!! And the pizza as well . I was very happy with everything there ,the waitress was so kind and I enjoyed every moment. If you want to see more photos with the restaurant or the food search them on Instagram: @teatro26 or on their website TEATRO26 . I will insert the link again at the end. 

 That’s it guys!! 😍😍❤️❤️

                   Bye guys!! 😘


I won!!!! Yeiiiii!!!!! 😍😍😍

Hi guys!!!! I’m so happy that I wanted to share with you. Maybe for you it’s nothing but I am ssoooo excited. I won my first ever giveaway,actually this is my first ever winning from my entire life. I’m not fortunate enough to win something but this giveaway made my day!!!! When I will receive my pack I will do a haul with the things that I also bought. 


Btw I also bought some Christmas stuff from Lush, but only one thing for me and the others are for a special person in my life. Ok guys, that’s it, can’t wait to share with you all this new stuff that I bought and I was thinking of doing a video for my YouTube channel but it’s not a promise. However I already told you , if I decide to make a video it will be in Romanian , I will try to activate the subtitles but I will also share with you here in english.

Bye guys!!! Kisses from me to you!!! 😍😍😘😘💋💋💕💕